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Hanuman Discovers His Potential

As the title suggests, the story Hanuman Discovers His Potential is all about the Hindu God, Hanuman, and the discovery of his true potential. The story is a small extract from the epic Ramayana, the legendary story of Rama and Sita. Most kids might be familiar with the story of Rama and Sita but not with the story of Hanuman. The story, Hanuman Discovers His Potential, will help kids to know more about Hanuman and the pivotal role performed by Hanuman in the story of Rama and Sita.

Hanuman Discovers His Potential PDF from BYJU’S will help kids better understand the stories of Ramayana. It will simplify the epic story of Rama and Sita and supports deciphering the core content of the story. Listening to short stories from a young age will boost their ability to communicate effectively. It helps them to convey their thoughts and ideas precisely to others. Apart from the communication skills, the more they listen to the stories, the more they improve their level of concentration, reading, and listening skills.

New Words – Seashore, crowded, enquired, cottage, exclaimed, commander, potential, chant, grateful

Characters of Hanuman Discovers His Potential

As it is a small extract from the epic Ramayana, there are numerous character appearances in the story Hanuman Discovers His Potential. Each and every character has their own importance in the story. Some of the main characters are Hanuman, Sampati, and Jambavan. The following character analysis from Hanuman Discovers His Potential PDF will help children to penetrate deep into each character. Providing a brief idea about each character will ease kids’ learning process as well.

  • Hanuman: Hanuman is the lead character of the story. He is a strong devotee of Lord Rama and is ready to sacrifice his own life for him. He is one of the strongest characters in the story of Ramayana and is the one who took a giant leap across the vast sea to reach Lanka, the island of Ravana.
  • Sampati: Sampati is an old eagle who used to live on a huge rock on the southern seashore. It was Sampati who saw Ravana kidnapping Sita to Lanka. The old eagle helped the monkeys to realise where Sita was taken and tried to help them.
  • Jambavan: Jambavan is a wise king of bears. He was the one who pointed out the potential of Hanuman. According to the instructions provided by him, all the monkeys in the crowd supported Hanuman to realise his true potential.

Story Description – Hanuman Discovers His Potential

As the story begins, we are introduced to the character, Sampati. Sampati was an old eagle who lived alone on the top of a huge rock on the southern seashore. One day, the eagle was surprised to find that the beach was crowded with monkeys. Sampati, who didn’t understand what was happening around him, enquired to one of the monkeys about the reason for their assembly on the seashore. Other than monkeys, there were different animals as well. Jambavan, an old bear, came forward with the reply to Sampati. He said, “Rama, the Prince of Ayodhya, was living in the forest with his wife, Sita, and brother, Lakshmana. One day, when the brothers were out of the cottage, someone carried Sita away. Sugriva, our king, is a very close friend of Rama, and he has sent us in search of Sita.”

Hearing this, Sampati recollected the image of a woman being carried away by the Rakshasa King, Ravana. “Was that Sita!” exclaimed the old eagle. Everyone in the crowd was shocked to hear this news from Sampati. They all eagerly waited to know where Ravana had taken her. Sampati continued, “Ravana took her to his island fortress of Lanka, which is on the other side of the sea. It is a hundred miles away from here.” Everyone was shocked by the news, and they looked at one another.

“Let’s jump across the sea.” one of the monkeys in the crowd shouted. “What is your capacity to jump?” the monkey commander asked the monkey. The monkey did not have any idea about the distance that he could cover by jumping. The strong desire within made him shout. After thinking for a while, the monkey replied to the commander, “20 feet.” “Then you will fall right into the sea.” screamed another little monkey. Hearing this, everyone in the crowd burst into laughter. “Silence.” the monkey commander shouted. He made everyone realise the fact that they couldn’t reach Lanka even if they could jump 200 feet and added that one has to jump hundreds of miles to reach Lanka.

After listening to the monkey commander, the wise Jambavan came forward and said, “There is one hero among us who can cover this much distance.” Pointing towards a monkey who was sitting alone, Jambavan continued, “He is the only one who can jump to Lanka from here.”

“Hanuman! He doesn’t even utter a word. He is so quiet all the time. How come he can do this?” asked the commander. Everyone who stood in the crowd was surprised to hear about Hanuman from Jambavan. Jambavan assured everyone that he knew Hanuman’s calibre and added, “Hanuman doesn’t know his own potential. If he knows it, he can easily do this task for Lord Ram.” “But how can we make him realise his potential?” one among the monkeys in the crowd asked Jambavan. Jambavan smiled at the monkey and said, “Let us surround him and chant a mantra that will help him realise his true potential.”

With great hope, everyone agreed to follow the suggestion put forward by the sagacious Jambavan. Jambavan asked them to chant, “Hanuman, you can! Hanuman, you can! You can do it, Hanuman!” As soon as the crowd started chanting, a miraculous scene was displayed before them. Hanuman started growing up. As the monkeys chanted louder, “HANUMAN, YOU CAN DO IT!” he grew bigger and bigger. He stood up and took a giant leap across the sea to reach Lanka. With everyone’s support, he highlighted that nothing is impossible in life. Hanuman landed in Lanka and found Sita. He gave Sita the information passed by Rama and brought Sita’s message to Rama. Hanuman was so grateful and thanked his friends for helping him discover his potential.

Similar short stories like Hanuman Discovers His Potential can be used by parents to instil great virtues in children. It will help them to get inspired and motivated. Parents can use such stories as a tool to generate thoughts within their children. Poems, essays, and other learning materials from BYJU’S website offer an excellent learning experience for them.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Who was Sampati?

Sampati was an old eagle who lived alone on the top of a huge rock on the southern seashore. He was the one who found Sita getting kidnapped by Ravana to Lanka. Hanuman marched towards Lanka to save Sita on the basis of the information provided by Sampati.

How did Hanuman grow bigger and bigger?

Jambavan pointed out the potential of Hanuman and asked the crowd of monkeys to chant a mantra to boost this potential.

How did Hanuman grow bigger and bigger?

Jambavan asked everyone in the crowd to chant a mantra and to encourage Hanuman. After getting inspired, Hanuman grew bigger and bigger.

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