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The Yellow Butterfly

Young children often blur the line between real and imaginary. These stories can help them understand and process the world around them in a safe and fun way. Stories are important because they help them develop their imaginations and learn about different worlds. Through stories, they can explore new ideas and concepts. Reading can also help kids develop empathy, understanding for others, and a love for reading.
In the storyline of The Yellow Butterfly, the yellow butterfly is the titular character who lives in Sonu’s garden. Sonu is a little boy who finds this butterfly appealing and wishes to catch it. Every time he tries to catch the butterfly, it escapes from his hands. While flying, it gets caught in the spider web. A giant black spider feels hungry and tries to capture this poor butterfly to satisfy its hunger. Alas, little Sonu saves the butterfly and lets it fly free all around the garden.
Stories like The Yellow Butterfly teach kids essential life lessons. Through the characters and plotlines in a story, they can learn about friendship and other positive values. Reading stories can also help them deal with difficult emotions like fear or sadness.
Reading such feel-good stories can help improve a child’s writing skills. They learn how to create believable characters, exciting plots, and vivid descriptions by reading them. Besides, stories teach kids about cooperation, kindness, and perseverance.
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Characters of The Yellow Butterfly

In every story, the characters are what drive the plot and keep readers engaged. Good character development is essential to create believable and relatable characters that readers can invest in. One of the most important things kids learn from story characters is how to develop a sense of togetherness. Seeing the world from another person’s perspective is an important life skill that helps them understand and relate to others. By reading about characters’ experiences, emotions, and motivations, kids learn to identify and understand their feelings and those of others. Here are the compelling characters from The Yellow Butterfly story for kids.

  • Yellow Butterfly: The yellow butterfly is the titular character. It is a beautiful yellow butterfly with black spots on it. This beautiful creature happily flies around the garden, filled with colourful flowers.
  • Sonu: Sonu tries to catch this butterfly and fails repeatedly. Lastly, he succeeds in catching it and letting it fly happily in his garden.
  • Spider: He is a giant black spider who tries to eat the poor yellow butterfly to satisfy his hunger.

Summary of The Yellow Butterfly for Kids

A yellow butterfly flew around in little Sonu’s garden. Sonu saw the beautiful butterfly and ran to catch it. The butterfly flew to the rose plants and sat on a beautiful red rose.
“Now I can catch a butterfly!” said Sonu. He quietly walked towards the rose bed to catch the butterfly. He came closer and closer, but then the butterfly flew away.
Where did the butterfly go? Sonu started to look around. There was a pond near the lush garden. In the pond, there was a beautiful white lotus with large leaves growing around it, which floated in the water. The butterfly happily sailed on, floating on the leaves.
Sonu went into the pond, and the butterfly flew off. Where was it? Sonu looked up and down. There was a peach tree near the wall with pretty pink flowers. “I can catch you!” Sonu shouted. He climbed up the tree – up, up, he climbed. But, the butterfly flew down the tree. Sonu jumped down to chase the butterfly.
From the rose bed to the lotus and the peach tree, Sonu could not reach the mighty butterfly. He couldn’t reach it at all. He looked everywhere. Finally, he saw the butterfly.
There was a large spider web in the peach tree. The butterfly was caught in there. It looked sad, and tried to find a way to escape. It twisted and fluttered its wings. However, it couldn’t escape, as the spider web held it tight.
A big black spider in the middle of the web looked hungry. It started crawling closer and closer to the butterfly to catch it. Before it could catch and eat the butterfly, Sonu ran towards the web and grabbed it.
It was a colourful butterfly with yellow wings and black spots on it. Sonu loved this beautiful creature. But, it looked sad in his hand, and he wanted it to be happy.
“Go, fly away!” said little Sonu. He finally let the butterfly go, and it sat on the red rose. Then, it flew to the peach tree and happily glided on the large lotus leaves. It joyously flew from one flower to another. Sonu was delighted to watch it fly freely and happily around his garden.
The moral of The Yellow Butterfly story is that we must never forget to appreciate natural beauty. Moreover, we must never try to captivate the creatures. For more kids learning activities similar to The Yellow Butterfly, visit the writives website.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What was the butterfly’s colour?

The butterfly was yellow with black spots on it.

Why did Sonu let go of the butterfly?

Sonu let go of the butterfly because it looked sad.

Who tried to eat the yellow butterfly?

The giant black spider tried to eat the yellow butterfly.

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