5 things to know before using a peeling solution


Among the depths of reddit and tiktok,here is a new horror;people spilling scarlet liquid from a glass vial dropper across their face. It is the ordinary peeling solution. 5he skin care world’s latest obsession.
It looks like fresh placenta, tingles like mint chapstick and Costs less than a frappuccino. It looks like the terrible ‘vampire facial ‘ that’s popular with Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow but it is blissfully not made out of your own blood. It is going viral, with Claims that it gives you the brightest
A lot of people believe that the ordinary was quite reckless by making this product easily available.

Recommended professional direction for use

*patch test before use
*wash and dry face completely. Avoid application of wet use
*apply evenly across face and neck with fingertips
*avoid the eye area
*leave on for no longer than 10 minute. Let for first timers
*do not leave longer than 10 minute
*rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water
*do not use more than twice a week
*avoid contact with skin when not in use
*if irritation occurs stop usages and consult a physician if the need arises
*use sunscreen, wear protective clothing and limit suk exposure while using this product and for a full afterwards.

How to prepare your skin for the ordinary AHA BHA peeling solution

You might be wondering why this section is necessary. It is because I have seen a lot of people misuse this product and damage their skin in the process. I have seen cases from mild irritations, damage skin barrier to extreme burns and splotches. I really do not want any more people to go through that because it can be avoided. SO I am sharing the tips that work for me.

Access your current skincare routine and decide how often you want to use the products

Do you already use acid? How often do you use them?
Ask yourself
Does it make sense to combine this strong product with other acids in your routine?
Am I willing to risk damaging my skin barrier by over-exfoliating?

If you are not sure of the answers to these questions then it can help you

*if you already use other exfoliate acid like glycolic,lactic acid and salicylic acids in any form in your weekly routine,use the ordinary AHA BHA peeling solution once a month
*If you barely use the above acid in your routine regularly but you are not a beginner and your skin is used to chemical exfoliation you can use the peeling solution once a week.

Pick the day when you want to use the products to encourage consistency

Personally I use this product in the first week of every month. It is the easiest way for me to remember it and remain consistent with it.it depends on how you are using it. You should pick a day In week or in a month and stick to it.
If your skin is sensitive, avoid all active prior to the day you use the products

The first couple of times I used this product I realised how incredibly strong it is and how much it sensitised my skin. I have dry dehydrated skin which is hardly sensitive BM but I still got irritated. To solve this this week I plan to use the products. You should do it regularly.first you should use it alone.after sometime when your skin becomes habitual of it then you can use it with some other products.first you should use it one time in a week but after some time when your skin becomes habitual of it then you can use it on the monthly basis.
So if you are in this same situation and your skin is sensitive and can not handle too many activities, try to suspect all activities prior to your peeling day. By active I mean serum and exfoliating.

Here are some calming and soothing products you can use

* cosrx snail muffin power essence
*I am from mugwort essence
*purito centella unscented serum
Personally I love to finish up with the mugwort mask which instantly calms my skin down in the shower. It is like magic, almost like I never used that strong product. I leaves zero traces


I have been using this product for over a year. I first use it weekly and now I am using it monthly because I am using other exfoliate products with it it has now become part of my life I am also on tiktok, Facebook and reddit and I am showing the different reviews of people that how they are using it and what type of reaction they got and it is what inspired this post in the first place it will definitely give you that glow you are looking for. I mean glycolic acid is the first ingredient after all.

Personally I noticed that I do not break out for a week straight after using this product. It clears out all my acne and the glow just hit different. This way,there really is not any need to use an exfoliating product for a week afterwards. This is why you do not need to combine it with any exfoliants. It is powerful on its own .
I hope this post has helped you reassess the way you use this product responsibility.