5 ways to prevent your skin from purging


Skin purging refers to the skin breakouts especially this happens when you use a new product to your skin especially those products that has more active chemicals in it.the reason that why these products react on your body is that when you use them they increase cell turnover and they work for renew of your body.in the process,toxin and impurities are pushed to the surface of your skin,triggering it to breakthrough.good news is that purging is just a normal thing and it recovers in 2 weeks with little care of your skin. How can you tell that your skin is purging?with a purge,you will notice acne appearing in place they typically already do;if it is breakout, acne appearing on places where they do not normally appear.if it is a bad reaction then redness and rashes appear on your body
Purging of skin is good thing and it means that product is working.once your skin becomes useful of the new product then your redness will disappear and your skin will start glowing.here are some ways and easy tips to get you through and minimise the purging of your skin

Avoid popping your acne or excessive touch of your face

It is very important to mind it that you have to cut down your connection with your face.your skin needs time to heal and get rid of purging.when you touch your face then there increases the chance of breeding bacteria and interferes in the skin purging process and it becomes more worse and prolong the flare up.if you will not cut off your connection with face then you might experience skin breakouts which is dangerous thing and for this you have a fo to a doctor too.

Go minimal with your routine

Less is definitely more during the skin purging process.so its best to keep your routine minimal.apart from the products that you are using,stick to those products that you have used before and you are sure that those products will never irritate your skin.focus on your essential like cleanser,toner,moisture etc.you should give time to your skin to adopt the new product and never add more new product to avoid your skin from rashes and redness.you should take proper care of her everything you do otherwise you will face a skin breakouts.

Cleanse right

It is also important to clean your body in the morning and evening to clean all the dirt,impurities and makeup leftovers to clean your skin from all the dirt of the day.opt for a gentle cleanser and remain consistent with it.only use lukewarm water to clean your body.hot water will strip your skin of moisture and will dry it out.if you not clean properly then there is a strong chance to having skin breakouts and it is dangerous.

Avoid harsh exfoliants

You should avoid harsh exfoliants especially those who are with natural granules like nutshell or fruit.because they tend to cause harmful micro tears that will harm your body and they can irritate your acne.it is best to exfoliate at least one time or two times in a week.you should do it with gentle chemicals exfoliants. This will help you to clean your body and keep your acne and blackheads at bay

Don’t skip toner

Your skin normally PH ranges from 4.5 to 5.5 and ideally it should stay this away.your balance of natural PH levels when you apply new product on your body. This means that the health of your skin becomes compromised and bacteria becomes more active and they can turn into infections.
Using a toner before applying other new skin care products will help you to rebalance the PH of your body.this will also help you to make your body strong as much to fight against these bacteria.this will also help you to prime your skin.


In this process you should avoid from getting directly sunlight as it can increase your skin purging.that is said that SPF is always important for you especially when your body is fighting against skin purging.you should opt for a sunscreen with SPF 30.you should apply it daily and reapply it after every two hours.this will help your skin barrier against free radicals and UV damage.additionally it will help you in protecting from environmental stressors that might increase your skin purging

Go to a doctor

If your skin is very sensitive and you are a working person and you can not stay at home then you go to hospital and visit a skin specialist and tell him about your problems and take medical care. Medical treatment can also heal it easily but staying home and taking care of your skin yourself is good. Because as they say precautions are better than cure.


It is sure from above all that you can take care of your body in the process of skin purging.it is a good sign so you have to be patient with it and you will get rid of it in 2 to 3 week.in this process you should get good care of your skin and if problem increases and you feel pain and skin breakouts then stop using the new product and go to a doctor.take all the above precautions strictly