7 ways to effectively use vaseline


Vaseline petroleum jelly is a very effective product for your skin and it is in the world from 150 plus years.back then when there was no product in market available then there was only one product available in the market and that was vaseline for lips care and also for cracks heels.vaseline petroleum jelly is here for use in every house in all around the world.this highly used products is made up of natural waxes and minerals oils.apart from being the oldest skin care product we have just known about its some unique uses for beauty.it is used in tons of beauty hacks.it is a game changer product.you can trust on us for one time.lets know about the most unique uses of it.here are some its unique uses

DIY Highlights

Ran out of your favourite highlighter?apply vaseline on the high point of your face for that natural dewy,glow.if you do not want to clog your pores then skip it if you have oily skin.it is good way to remove dryness from your skin.it is the easiest way of getting rid of dryness and getting oily skin .

Accentuate your lashes

Take some vaseline on a q_tip and then you apply it on your lashes gently before wearing your mascara.if you want to make your eyelashes pop then this is the best and easy trick for you.this vaseline will also help your eyes from dirt and then rashes.

Makeup remover

It is a very excellent,important and no_hassle way to gently remove your heavy eye makeup.after that take some product on a q_tip and then with the help of a tissue or cotton pad massages your eyes.this will wipe out all the dirt and it will protect your eyes from any infection.it will also give you smooth and oily skin.

Tame your hair

With the help of this magical product you can tame your stubborn flyaway,frizz and seal your split ends.be sure to be mindful while using vaseline for hair a little bit can go a long way.you can use vaseline also to tame your hair.it is a good way to tame your hair.

DIY Cheek/lip tint and eyeshadow

If you want to use this pigment into a cheek and eyeshadow then you have to take a little vaseline in a container,mix your desired loose pigment in and that is it your required pigment is ready and you have successfully achieve it.you can use simple vaseline for your cheeks to make them looking good.vaseline is a good way to DIY cheek.

Get away dryness

In the winter season many people have the problem of skin dryness. You can use vaseline to get rid of dryness and make your skin oily .In winter you can enjoy sunbathing after applying vaseline on your body.oily body absorbs sunlight easily and you can get more vitamin_d by this.

Make your perfume last longer

If you want that your favourite perfume could last longer and you can achieve it easily by applying the vaseline on your pulse point and then spray your perfume as per usual. This is a good way to increase the longevity of your perfume.This is an easy and cheap way.


Any DIY scrub consists of two major elements_an moisturiser and an exfoliator. Vaseline can make the best moisturiser .Simply mix in some vaseline with sugar ,salt, coffee or any other physical exfoliator of your choice,add in some essential oils if you like and gently buff away the dead skin cells.

Replace cuticle oil

When it comes to nourishing your cuticles then vaseline is extremely handy.you will not regret this if you use vaseline instead of your regular cuticles oil.vaseline is very good when we use it as our regular oil.it is also cheaper thing to use as oil

Wear and take off jewellery easily

When you are bloated as an ordeal tu then wearing or talking off jewellery is very difficult.you can ditch the tugging and pulling by turning to vaseline.when you have to get off your jewellery easily then put some vaseline on the area from where you have to passed on jewellery.it is an easy and cheap way.

Under eye care

It may sound little strange but it is truth that vaseline is also good for eyes covering area.if your area under eyes has some redness then you can apply vaseline there to heal it.if you have no problem in this area and you work in sunlight and you want to protect that area then you can also use vaseline there to protect your lips,cheeks or under eyes area.


It is true that vaseline is the most older skin care product. When there was no other skin care product on the market then there was vaseline. It is used for all skin problems from problems in lips to problems in heels. It has good effect on lips as well as on heels.now a day there are different problems and different products of every problem alone.but vaseline has all in one quality it is alone good for every skin problem. Vaseline has many benefits as it is one thing with all quality.