chemical vs Physical Sunscreen Which One Should You Use


You already know in advance what sunscreen is and how it plays a role in your skin. Sunscreen can damage your skin from the sun’s rays. They help prevent acne, which can lead to acne and wrinkles, which can lead to premature aging and cancer in your skin. Truly a very large spectrum sunscreen for everyday use. Non-melanoma helps reduce the risk of the most aggressive form of skin cancer.

But whenever you choose sunscreen, you should never make that kind of decision. Want to know? Which sunscreen you are using is physical or chemical. It does not matter which sunscreen you are using. It may be correct. The difference between these sunscreens is how they block the sun’s rays. The physical sunscreens are on the surface of your skin and act as a kind of barrier

. Are And the chemicals that are sunscreen get stuck in your skin and act like a sponge. Both types can have disadvantages and advantages. But you should have all this information. What products do you need to protect yourself from the sun?

Physical sunscreen

Physical sunscreen
Physical sunscreen

Body sunscreens are usually referred to as mineral sunscreens, which can be used to create a barrier on your skin. And that protects your skin from the sun’s rays. These sunscreens can protect your skin from the effects of UV radiation. They also help protect against UVA-related damage to your skin. And the mineral sunscreens that are there help to block out the rays coming from the window. And cause collagen breakdown. Are formed, Therefore, it is important to use sunscreen on a daily basis. Whether you go out or not, there are some sunscreens. Which are made from components such as zinc oxide and titanium.

They eliminate UV rays, which are microscopic or very small particles, and act like chemical sunscreens. People who have sensitive skin types include acne and those who are soft on the skin of young children. They also protect the largest spectrum. This is especially true for those people. People use sunscreen on their face and neck on a daily basis, because they work all year round to protect UVA from all these harmful effects. Make your skin a white cast. If your complexion is ripe then this white color can also be noticeable on your skin.

Consult a doctor and use a good product. You can avoid the face. Minerals that are sunscreen may not be as water-resistant as chemical options. So if you have to use it again. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Chemical sunscreen


Chemical sunscreen is something that can’t sit on your skin and can’t block rays. Because it contains some of the wrong ingredients that have the property of absorbing UV rays First let your skin succeed in soaking them. Other ingredients, such as oxybenzone and eubenzone, are added to these chemical UV filters. In most cases, chemical sunscreens do not have a film layer on your skin. Yes, they are very easy to wear. But they are designed to be pulled. That’s why chemical sunscreens don’t feel greasy and do their job very easily. And the white cast doesn’t leave either.

Are chemical sunscreens safe?


As much as there is talk of chemical sunscreens, they care about their ingredients. The same ingredients that do their job well and when. In addition, the same ingredients pose a health risk. In 2018, according to FDA rules and regulations, the source’s goal was to highlight the need for sunscreen. No evidence has been found that large amounts of sunscreen chemicals can cause harm and cause some side effects. As a result, some components of these screens have been turned off completely. They are working on how to protect the sunscreen by adding zinc oxide and some other ingredients. Which go into your bloodstream in a single application. When these components go into the bloodstream, they occur on your skin even after two to three weeks have passed. The FDA has thought of some more security measures in place.

So which is better

Compared to physical sunscreen, chemical sunscreen has not clearly won in their showdown. Of all the sunscreens, the best sunscreen is the one you will use. It is called Duffy. And it also says that people feel the sunscreen and there are ways to smell it. But the most important of these. The thing is to wear it constantly. And for those who have a sensitive skin type, physical sunscreen works well for them. If you use this sunscreen, you will have very little risk of irritation.

Other types of sun protection

According to Dr. Duffy, most people in the United States have this type of skin cancer, which is a combination of all types. Skin protection is a daily necessity if you feel the sun.  Especially on winter days when the weather is cloudy or when you don’t go out anywhere.  According to him, sunscreen is not a component that protects you from the sun.  Cover your skin with long-sleeved clothing and also with trousers. Also, to protect your face and neck, be sure to wear a nice wide-brimmed hat.  But whatever you use is hard to help protect you. There is an only one-octave time of sunlight. From about 10 in the morning to 4 in the evening.  Whenever you can find time, spend some time outside or before this time. And if possible, spend some time somewhere in the shade.

Can you be allergic to sunscreen?

Although sunscreen is safe for some people, there are some ingredients that can cause allergies, such as perfume and oxybenzone. And there are some symptoms that can cause rashes. If you use sunscreen then it makes you feel itchy. So you should find out the main reasons for this. After that, you should stop using sunscreen completely. This should be done. In addition to this sunscreen, you should use other products with other products. Due to this you will not get any allergies.