Does drinking more water give you a glowing skin?


Water is one of the greatest blessings of God. We can live without eating but we can not live without drinking water.70% of our body is made up of water .Water has many benefits but surprisingly it also has benefits for our skin.Many people underestimate the power of drinking water and how important it is for our skin and overall health. Our skin is the largest organ of our body and it protects you. It stores lipids and water. It prevents fluid loss and it serves as thermoregulation. Drinking more water gives you beaming, glowing and healthy skin that we all want.
Let’s take a look at the ways in which drinking water can help your skin glow.

Sagging skin

Rapid loss of weight, especially extreme weight may cause sagging of skin.Many people tighten their skin by observing fast 8f water but it is not a healthy way and in actuality it can damage your skin. It is also bad for your health as fast water can invite many diseases to your body. By drinking more water day in and day out helps you in tightening your skin and it also assures your healthy skin.

PH balance

For a healthy and good skin it is very important for you to maintain your skin PH Balance. The PH of any substance ranges from 0 to 14 where 14 shows that this substance is too basic and 0 shows that the solution is too acidic in nature. Its midpoint is 7 and the substance of 7 PH is called neutral and it is the exact value that water has. To balance your skin PH you should drink more water. It gives you healthy is the reason for which we wash our skin and especially face thoroughly after using the face wash . It is very important to maintain the PH balance of our skin.

Flush toxin

Toxin can ruin our health and skin. Drinking more water helps us in removing toxins especially it removes those toxins that are harmful for our health. You can improve the health of your skin and you can make your body healthier by drinking more water and drinking more water can remove the toxins that are bad for your health many people go for juice diet to remove the toxins from your body but drinking more water and maintaining a good diet can help you for same purpose

Reduce wrinkles

Water keeps your body hydrated and refreshed and helps you in maintaining your skin elasticity .People who drink large amounts of water are less likely to suffer from scars,wrinkles and soft lines as they would not show as many signs of ageing as those who drink less amounts of water. As you grow older it is tough for your body to retain water so by inputting more water into your system you are helping your body and your skin to stay hydrated.


Prevents pimple and acne

Certain kinds of toxins will clog your small pores on your epidermis and can cause issues like acne and pimples.
By drinking more water you ensure that you would not suffer from severe pimple and acne ,the more hydrated your skin the less your pores will clog.


Not only should you drink a lot of water, almost 8 glasses in a day . You should also use it to clean your skin thoroughly..if you don’t think that it is ideal to take a bath or shower daily especially during the cold winter months but it is great for your skin to cleanse your body with water to clear our sand unclog pores to keep your skin healthy and clean.


When you are dehydrated you do not have elasticity in your body. To check the elasticity of your body give you a pinch and then see whether you can bounce back or not . If you can not bounce back you need to drink more water because your body has no elasticity. You need to hydrate your body to plump up your body cells. If you are not hydrated and have no elasticity in your body your skin will become dry and the area under your eyes will become dark. To get a healthy body you should drink more water.

How much water should you drink in a day?

The amount of water that you should drink in a day depends on your body weight, your height, your metabolism and your daily routine . Generally adults should drink 5 to 8 glasses of water in a day and you can drink more if you need. Always make sure that you should drink at least 6 glasses in a day to stay healthy and hydrated. You should drink as much water as you ca.especially in summer season otherwise you will dehydrate and go to hospital as they say that precautions are better than cure.


You should drink as much water as you can to avoid dehydration and for the glow of your skin and to get healthy skin too.There are many different uses of water but it is also very important for your skin and keeps your body healthy. It is good for your skin as well as for your stomach .You should drink water to keep you hydrated because dehydration is very dangerous for your health. As they say that precautions are better than cure.