Does PH matter when you choose a face cleanser?



Facial cleansers are known for keeping our skin healthy and clean by removing all the dirt of day or night. But when they are packed by using some harsh chemicals the effect of such products becomes very deep and sometimes very bad. It is the PH of any skin care product that can make our face washing routine dull and can make our face worse. You might end up blaming your premature ageing but it is the problem of your body cleanser . but you don’t know that this is not a problem but the real problem is that the PH level of our skin cleanser is different from the PH of our body.

What is PH level?

You might have already heard about it and wondered what it means . Before revealing the connection between our skin and PH , let’s first know about the tem PH . It refers to the ‘number of hydrogen ‘ , ‘potential of hydrogen ‘ and ‘power of hydrogen ‘ . The PH of any solution means the number of hydrogen ions present in any solution and it refers to its nature whether it is acidic or basic. The acidic and basic ratio falls in between 0 to 14. Where 0 shows that solution is more acidic and 14 shows that solution is more basic. The midpoint of it is 7 and it shows that the solution is not more acidic nor basic but it is neutral. Elements under 7 PH such as orange juice or lemon juice or vinegar stomach acid are called acidic in nature while elements having PH above 7 such as baking soda or milk of magnesia or oven cleaner or soapy water are called as basic in nature.

What is skin PH balance?

According to the experts, the ratio of acidic and basic is highly effective to human health and human skin. It is very important for us to keep the balance in this to keep our skin fit and healthy and look younger for a longer run . Here is the details explaining of this
The surface layer of our skin is vital for its overall health. It is even covered by a natural and extremely Fine protective film called acidic mantle . Which is formed by moisture, sebum, amino acids,fatty acids,plastic acid and water. This natural barrier of skin is important when PH is between 4.5 to 5.5 and the solution is a little acidic. When PH becomes too high or too low then the acidic mantle gets disturbed and cleanser ruins our skin badly .

Face wipes vs cleaners__what to pick?

if cleanser becomes too basic then it can turn our skin too dry ,sensitive to weather, dull,flaky and patchy,which eventually speed up the process of ageing .on the other hand if cleanser becomes too acidic your skin will become too oily and grassy ,sensitive to commercial products, reactive,red and irritated. Therefore it is very important for us to determine the skin score while choosing your skin care product .It is also important to prevent our skin from going off balance .

How does the cleaner’s PH affect your skin?

We keep no stone unturned to make our skin healthy and radiant but one wrong choice of cleanser can ruin all our efforts in the initial stages. Based on its components the products can become too acidic or too basic. Which takes the acid mantle apart and makes the skin vulnerable to serve damages. When you wash your face early in the morning it tends to set the stage for ageing by messing up the PH balance of the skin .Most of the products available in the market are basic in nature. Their PH revolves in between 8 to 10 ,they alter the PH of skin. Result is dryness, tightness, cracking, calluses, wrinkles and fine lines. The more you use the products the worse the skin becomes . IT is a vicious cycle that slowly destroys the ability of the skin to redevelop a healthy acid mantle. You should also use acidic mantle products as they are mixed up with acidic mantle of your body and clean your skin and washes it nicely and do not use basic products as they are bad for your skin and your skin can become dry, red,dull and irritated after using the basic mental products.


A perfect cleanser is basically a PH balance cleanser that is in harmony with a particular skin. If It is too basic the skin will be clean but its natural oil will be stripped causing dryness, dullness and premature ageing. Conversely if it is not enough basic you will not get desired cleanliness, which will make your skin prone to breakouts .hence it is always good that we choose for cleanser that is low on PH scale it will be little acidic and with acid mantle it will glow your skin it will not disturb the balance of acidic mantle. It will not hurt your body and will make our skin healthy by working with the natural system of the skin.
You know that PH balance is also written on the label of your cleanser. It is not a marketing ploy; some trustable companies write the actual number . Choose a PH balance cleanser and take care of your skin nicely. You should take care of yourself as they say that precautions are better than cure.