Benefits of Solving CBSE Previous Years’ Question Papers for Good Marks

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Students of CBSE Classes 10 and 12 will have high tension regarding board exams as the date nears. As it is once in a lifetime opportunity, students will undergo a lot of stress to score ahead of their peers. Students lose their marks mainly because they choose the wrong study method. Students should choose the right study plan to perform well in their board exams. The perfect study materials and the correct process are the only way to attain full marks in the CBSE examination.
Many websites provide accurate information online to clear the doubts in the minds of students.CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 12 is available to help students grasp the concepts crucial for the exams. The question papers are available for all subjects, which have to be solved by students who aim to score higher marks in their exams. Students can access these materials in online word format or offline PDF format to speed up the process of learning.
It is necessary to follow strategies which result in memorising the concepts with ease and reduce stress. The syllabus of the academic year, textbooks, reference books, sample papers and previous years’ papers are the correct study materials for exam preparation. If a student is thorough with all these materials, scoring full marks will be very easy.

Why Should Students Solve CBSE Previous Years’ Question Papers?

  1. Helps Students Deal with Exam Tension
  2. By solving previous years’ question papers, students will get the gist of what type of questions will be asked in the exams. It is because the experienced faculty who design the curriculum prepares question papers every year. By solving the question papers, students will get an overview of the exam pattern, mark distribution, question types and essential topics.

  3. Helps in Exam Preparation Analysis
  4. The CBSE question papers are according to the latest curriculum of the board. When a student tries solving these papers, there will be many questions that are familiar or not familiar. It will help students analyse weak areas and the time required to perfect them. Students have to go through the exam curriculum and find the concepts of importance which are of high priority in the final exam.

  5. Helps in Revision
  6. Students often need to remember the topics they have studied a few days before. For this reason, revision plays a vital role in the exam preparation of the CBSE board. Solving the sample papers and previous years’ papers before board exams will increase the confidence level among students.

  7. Helps Improve Speed and Accuracy
  8. As students solve the questions regularly, they eventually become familiar with the crucial concepts. If a particular question took them 15 minutes to answer, they would be able to answer it in 5 minutes if they had a thorough understanding of the concepts. The reason behind this is students come across all the concepts which are vital for exams.

  9. Helps to Familiarise with the Marking Scheme
  10. Students must have a proper understanding of the marking scheme in board exams. It is possible only by solving previous questions papers of the respective classes. Students will be able to get an idea of how to write accurate answers and avoid mistakes, leading to a loss of marks.

Based on the saying, “Practice makes a man perfect”, students need to practise regularly for good marks.CBSE Class 10 Question Paper is available for all important subjects like Maths, Science, Social Science, etc., which can be downloaded from the official website as a PDF. It mainly aims to improve the ability of students to learn and remember basic concepts with ease.

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