How to Easily Apply Eye Makeup When You Wear Glasses.


Makeup is made for girls. Who doesn’t love grooming and self pampering? Almost every girl loves it, Makeup is an art but it doesn’t means that only artists can do it well. Everyone can learn and do it in a most beautiful way. Makeup should be subtle but it doesn’t mean it will smooth out your skin pores and original texture of your skin, it won’t make you look flawless. So first of all you have to be comfortable at your own skin without lowing your confidence level. Ever wondered how to apply makeup that fits your glasses? Wearing glasses can mean that your eyes go behind the mirror, so when you do makeup, you want to focus on shining your eyes. Applying eyeliner, mascara and lipstick colour that draws attention to your face can improve your appearance when you wear glasses.


Consider applying eye shadow primer to your entire lid first. The eye shadow primer will help the eye shadow to stick better. It will also help to highlight the colours better, it is essential for those who want a bolder look.


Choose a lighter colour to enlarge your eyes. This is especially true of eyeglasses in the corner of your eye. If you want to look neutral, choose a cream colour that is lighter than your skin colour. If you want something bolder and more colourful, choose a colour that matches the light tone of your face. In general, people with glasses should avoid poppy shades of eye shadow. For thicker frames, improve with a slightly darker colour. If you have thick, cool frames, such as turtle shell frames, consider getting thicker and bolder. One way is to use a lighter colour on the entire lid, then a darker colour on your upper lids. If you want a more natural look, choose a grey colour that is a little darker than your skin colour.


Since glasses can blur your eyes, it’s important to bring back some compliments. Many people suggests and says, To keep the eye makeup soft and focus on the eyeliner heavily. Adding a colourful liner to your waterline will help you the eyes to open and your eyeliner should contain a view of the smoke. Another way is to keep your makeup really subtle more and dark eye shades won’t make any difference in your eyes but if you’ll use less products it will work better like many people says ‘less is more’ it really is. Apply light colours it will pop out even more. If you have wire frames, tap your eyeliner. Start at the inner corner of your eye, and finish at the outer corner. Thicken the line as you approach the outer corner of your eye. Consider finishing with a slight jolt.

For a bolder look, exaggerate this effect with Cat Eye, which blends well with square glasses.


If you want your eyes to look more defined focus on the lower area of eyes or we can say under eyes cover your under eyes dark circles if there is any, with a good quality concealer. Powder it or bake it with a good translucent powder that no crease should be left. Apply dark colour shade on your eyelids it will enhance your eyes even more.


You know that eye pencils can do magic? But you should be able to use it properly and you should know how to focus on your water line. Water line is the key of your eye makeup if you will be able to do it correctly you’ll get the flawless makeup look. Apply light or white colour pencil underneath your water line but don’t over do it. You can use different colours at your water line but make sure to give it a fine look. The best suitable and preferred colours are beige and white.


First of all curl your lashes well. Apply one to two coats of mascara. The thicker your frame, the heavier your eyelids should be lower your lids, and bring the mascara stick closer to the base of your eyelids. Slowly bring the stick up. Most people find it easier to start in the middle of your lash line and then sidestep.