How to get rid of blackheads?


Blackheads are the most common form of acne. Anyone can get them but people who have oily skin are more vulnerable for it.
They form when pores become clogged with a combination of dead skin cells and excess oil from your sebaceous glands.they are very dangerous.they can ruin your skin badly and make you ugly.
Whiteheads have closed pores but unlike them blackheads have open pores.they created an oxidation that is dark in colour.
It may be tempting to try to pinch or pursh the black plug out.but this can cause unnecessary scarring and other damage to your skin. They have medical treatment too but treatment in your home by looking after your skin is good as they say that precautions are better than cure.
Allison Britt Kimmins says that the good news is that there is a cornucopia of over the counter products that contain effective ingredients to exfoliate, soften and even remove blackheads.

Keep reading to learn how to

*get rid of your blackheads
*prevent future one from forming
*take better overall care of your skin
Cleanse with salicylic acid
Instead of benzoyl peroxide, look for over the counter products that contain salicylic acid.
It breaks down the material that clog pores. That is why salicylic acid is preferred as one of the best against blackheads and whiteheads.
*excess oil
*dead skin cell
By choosing a daily cleanser you can remove these elements addition to with salicylic acid
*daily dirt
Although you still need to wash your face twice a day, try using a cleanser that has salicylic acid and in just one time when a day starts.
You may consider using it at night only and then use your regular cleanser in the Morning. As your skin is used to that product you can use it both in day and night.

Gently exfoliate with AHAS and BHAS

you might have heard in the past that exfoliants produced negative effects on acne. This can be true for inflammatory acne as the process can cause further redness and irritation .
For blackheads through regular exfoliation can help to remove excessive amounts of dead skin cells that can lead to clogged pores. The process may also gently remove existing blackheads . Rather than looking for harsh scrubs you will want to focus on alpha and beta hydroxy acids. Glycolic acid is the most common type of AHAS and salicylic acid is a common type of BHAS .

Pick up a skin brush

A skin brush can provide similar exfoliating benefits as AHAS and BHAS by removing excess dead skin cells .Please pick up a soft and good quality brush as it will be good for cleansing.
A doctor recommended that skin brushes only be used occasionally with a gentle cleansing wash and to avoid the use of a brush altogether if you have sensitive skin .
Depending on your needs and budget there are many skin brushes available to be used with your daily cleanser . You can find them online too as online shopping is not trustable so you should buy it personally.
Try topical retinoids
Retinoids may be used for stubborn cases of acne by helping to unclog pores. This process can also make other OTC products more effective by helping them to be better
But if you have dry skin, the doctor recommended avoiding strong exfoliants like retinoids altogether.
You can shop retinoids online too

Use a clay mask

Clay masks help you to draw oil and toxins out from your skin. Which helps to unclog your Body pores.clay masks are often considered must have for the skin.
Some masks also contain suffering. Suffer is another ingredient that works down to break the dead cells..
No matter which mask you choose you can use it once in a week with your exfoliants treatment two or one time in a week.
You can find these masks online too.

Consider a chemical peel.

Chemical peels are traditionally used for anti-aging benefits such as reduced Fine lines and age spots.
In theory smoother refreshed looking skin should be revealed after going through the process.
Though they are not considered a primary treatment for blackheads, chemical peels can possibly remove dead skin cells and shrink enlarged pores.
This treatment method may be especially helpful if you are looking for anti-aging benefits too.
These chemical peels are available online too.
Make sure you are using non comedogenic products
The right cleanser mask and exfoliating cream may do little good until you do not use non comedogenic products and non comedogenic makeup. In fact massick recommends starting a blackheads removal regime with non comedogenic products.

Non comedogenic means that the products in question would not cause comedogenic or clog pores. Not all products are non comedogenic so,you will have to read labels carefully
These non comedogenic products are available online too


Blackheads are very bad for your skin. You can get rid of it easily by following the upper methods. You should also never sleep with makeup if you want to get rid of blackheads. You should remove your makeup before sleeping as after makeup you can open the pores of your skin dead cells. You can also go to any skin specialist doctor for treatment of your blackheads but it is good to take care of yourself to get rid of it as they say precautions are better than cure.