How to Permanent Hair Straightening


If you want your hair to be permanently straight, then you are looking for a cure for this problem. The cure would be a form of chemical processing of your hair. Is. So it depends on what kind of processing you are doing and what kind of processing you are using. ۔ Curly or otherwise curly hair can be straightened. So that they can be flattened and also lose their curls. You can use this type of treatment for a very long time. And besides, they usually last as long as you guys have curly hair.
No new hair should grow in their place and nothing should be longer. For this reason, the kind of process that takes place is called permanent hair straightening. Permanent type of hair straightening labeled keratin treatment. And which is used for thermal straightening and in addition to that which is used for such straightening process. If you have curly hair when you style it. So at the moment you people are facing a lot of difficulties

Some tips to straightening hair

Permanent Hair Straightening
Permanent Hair Straightening
The methods you have been told about so far are designed to make your hair grow shiny, but now the mask you are being told is to straighten your hair. Two tablespoons of honey, yogurt, sunflower oil, vitamin C capsules are all things to take together and mix them well in warm water and keep it in the hair. They will also become soft and shiny

Tips one to straightening hair

Permanent Hair Straightening
Permanent Hair Straightening
There were people in the old days who used to like curly hair but nowadays everyone is trying tricks to straighten their hair and the best way to do that is to use straightener but its Frequent use and improper use can also be harmful to the hair. Here are some precautions and proper use of straighteners that can be followed to make your hair look beautiful by washing your hair with a good shampoo and conditioner. Dry with a towel. Now, before using a straightener, apply a cream on your hair that will make your hair soft and shiny, whether it is balm or serum, but keep in mind that these things should not stick to the hair roots. First the hair must be completely dry. Apply cream or serum in the hair and brush the hair well so that whatever it is, it will be evenly distributed in all the hairs. Here are some tips to help you get your hair straightened and beautiful

Tips two

In addition to extending and shining your hair, you also like to straighten it. If you like the fact that your hair is perfectly straight and shiny, then here is a tip for you. You can straighten your hair and the tip is that you need pear peach egg olive oil vinegar Monir Saffron Mix all these things well and apply this mixture in your hair for one hour and for one hour. Leave this mixture on your hair. Using this mixture will not only make your hair soft and straight but also give it a naturally beautiful shine.

protect your hair

Permanent Hair Straightening
Permanent Hair Straightening
Here are some tips to help you grow your hair and make it shiny, but here are some tips to protect your hair that you can use to protect your hair in every way you can. Never use a toothpick and avoid using another’s used comb or comb. Use cold water to cool down because if you use hot water, it will get into your hair. It will be dry. However, in cold weather you can only wash with lukewarm water but never wash your head with hot water. Use pure coconut or mustard oil instead of oils.
Sometimes wash your head with a little vinegar and lemon juice mixed in lukewarm water. Try to be happy. Stay happy. Irritability And Fear Of Bad Hair Due To Irregular Blood Flow To The Arteries Of The Head The effect is and the hair starts to fall out. When you have mental problems, you should comb your hair for 10:12 minutes. It is beneficial for the hair. Here are some precautions you can take to protect your hair in every way.

Use straighteners carefully

Here are some tips to help you protect your hair from straighteners. Use a good company straightener and apply it on all parts of the hair, keeping the hair one inch apart. If possible, straighten the hair and use a smoothing product in the hair. The advantage of this is that if your hair is curly or dry, it will soften with this process. You must use this straightener at a party or wedding etc. Because frequent use of this straightener can ruin your hair. The heat of the straightener can damage the hair, so apply oil to the hair regularly and when buying a straightener, make sure that you Buy a ceramic coated straightener. It can be good for your hair and it will not harm your hair in any

Wrap your hair Hair

wrapping hairstyles is one of the most popular ways to get straight hair without it but not everyone knows how to do it effectively or how to get your hair straightened with a straightener Straighten up and our good fortune is that there are so many things on YouTube, there are so many ways to do it that you can do it yourself at home by looking at different hair textures and lengths.


There are different ways to straighten hair. You will need a cotton hair-wrapping scarf or cloth as well as a bun to wrap the hair. Use a fine-toothed comb. Brush your hair. Hold the hair tightly and take it there. Separate your hair and put the pins on top. The same procedure is repeated for each part of your hair and you should tie a cloth over your hair before going to bed at night. Sleep well to keep your hair from getting damaged

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