How To Prevent Premature Aging


As you grow older. In the same way, the processes inside your body, from the turnover of your skin cells to its regeneration, all slow down. And it can take a long time for it to be completed or reloaded. The signs of your aging. For example, the way some wrinkles and fatigue are left behind. Therefore, these changes are surprising if they appear before your thinking. Old age comes prematurely. It is very difficult and even impossible to avoid these changes. But there are ways for your body to reduce the signs of aging. But especially when you’re getting ready to meet.

1. What are the signs of premature aging?



Sunspots are also called age spots and liver spots. There are also some spots on your skin that are white in color. These hyper pigmented spots can also be on your face. It can also form on the back of your hands and with it on your arms. And when you are about 45 years old or older. So after that they appear. People who have beautiful skin. You can already see this change in the type of Fitzpatrick type and two sunspots.

Gaunt hands

As time goes on, the top layer of your skin becomes very thin.  And it contains less of the structural proteins you have. The result is that the hands you have become thinner and wrinkled. When your hands get older, you will see this.  No one is aware of this yet. But some people see these problems when they are 35 years old or less than 50 years old.

2. Inflammation or hyperpigmentation along the chest

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There are also many people who, as they get older, start to develop pallor on their chest. Like sun spots. This is the area of ​​different oils that can be damaged by the sun in your cells. This type of hyper pigmentation may not be the cause of your aging in particular. It may be the result of eczema or some skin events. These melanin cells damage your skin. This type of skin usually has no age to look at.

3.Dry or itchy skin

Dry and itchy skin is more likely to have xerosis cutis over time. This is also because thin skin is prone to dehydration very quickly. You may feel that your skin is drying out now. And when you are about 45 years old, your skin is at a very high risk of cracking.

4.Wrinkles or sagging

By the time you are close to 30 years old, your skin begins to have a decrease in the production of collagen. The protein that is in your skin gives your skin a shape.  It also helps your skin to regenerate. When your skin is deficient in collagen, it makes it very easy for the visible wrinkles to form. You should consider this.  It usually occurs in the areas around the cracks that are used. It is a place where you get a lot of sunshine, such as forehead, etc. The age at which people first see these wrinkles is different.  They have some criteria for premature birth. Most of them are not born due to old age. It is also possible that it is due to dirt and water.  Are

5.Hair loss

The process of losing your hair begins when the stem cells in today’s hair that take care of new hair are depleted. Hormone changes, problems with the environment and your diet. All things play their part together. And how quickly it all happens. There are some women who, when they reach the age of about 65 years, they start losing their hair. And the men who insist on it already While 55% of men get over 50 years of age, their hair starts to fall out

6.What causes premature aging?

One of the most important issues is smoking when you use cigarettes. Cigarette smoke can cause oxidative stress on your skin. It can also cause dryness and wrinkles on your face. Such symptoms. There are times when you have to deal with these issues.

Sun exposure and tanning

There is an ingredient called tanning beds. In addition, sun exposure, along with UV rays, penetrates your skin. These rays are the substances in your skin cells. For example, DNA has been shown to be extremely successful in damaging these materials, which can cause wrinkles to appear on your skin.


There are some important issues that lead to certain situations lead to old age in you at an early age and in the beginning. There is a thing called progeria.  is a thing called syndrome that affects one in a million people. Is. Your hair turns white and in addition it causes you to suffer from baldness. Bichenson-Gulford syndrome is another such rare condition that affects one in every 1 million children. I suffer from it. Children with this syndrome do not progress as much as other children who are the same age as these children. The limbs of these children are also thin and they Baldness also occurs. And the average age of children with Buchanan and Syndrome is 15 years.

8.Are there other factors?

Sleep habits

Sleep is something that refreshes the cells in your body and helps to give them a chance to regenerate. According to at least one very small experience. It has been found that poor sleep quality is a sign of old age. In addition to the ingredients that are working properly in your skin. It also helps to prevent and reduce them.


There have been some experiments that have shown that. Consume more sugar and better carbohydrate foods that. you eat at this age, which over time can succeed in damaging your skin.

9.How to avoid premature aging

At this age your skin becomes something like this, loss of elasticity, drying out and getting injured. At the same time, it loses its insulation with age. No matter how hard you try to solve these problems, there is nothing you can do about it. Have to avoid Which causes you to age prematurely.





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