I tried the tiktok self-tanner contouring trend-I have mixed feelings


I keep scrolling when I see beauty trends on tiktok.when I saw people achieving contoured complexion by just strategically placing their self-tanner,I was intrigued.
So I think that it is best time to try a new trend and while it is relatively a easy hack.this experience gave me mixed feelings and here you will read that what happened to me.it is also a good way to earn money and for those people who are business people they have a good platform to promote their products.

The tiktok self-tanner contouring trend

They would apply self-tanner to that face area which they would normally contour with makeup.when tanner develops they will apply it on their bare face.without make up use of it could be dangerous for skin or It will be of no use.you should use it first on your lower part of your body before using it on your face.
As for the products used,many people opted for some tanner who can apply it on their bodies,whether others can use it on their faces-specific options like mists etc.then they apply that product on their bodies using makeup sponge or a makeup brush because by brush it is easy for you to apply that tanner easily on your skin.

How I tried the trend

I sprayed a stippling brush after completing my daily skin care routine.i chose stripping brush because it is less dense than the most forced brush.i can use it easily and it will surely never hurt my skin.i did it without applying any makeup to my skin.
I gently swiped the brush along with my cheeks and I sprayed three to four spritzes onto the bristles.I only applied it on the lower part of my body because it was my first time using any tanner, especially since I used anything for the first time without applying any makeup. I didn’t apply it on the upper part of my body because I was just wondering if there is a possibility that it would hurt my skin and I can cover my lower body parts if it happens and I can’t cover my face or upper part of my body. If I feel any reaction I should visit my skin doctor as soon as possible.
Once I felt like I had adequately blended the formula into my skin.although I would not tell you for sure that it was transparent. I let the tan develop for the next few hours.because I was not trying to disturb the position of the tik tok self-tanner,I didn’t apply it to the top part of my body.

If you feel any reaction

There is a possibility that you cannot also experience any reaction if tanner is made of strong character or your skin is very sensitive.Reactions could be of two types.
1:it could be simple purging
2:it could be skin breakouts
If it is simple purging then it can be healed easily by doing only skin care or stop using the products that are hurting you and you can also visit your doctor if you are very sensitive towards your skin and if it is skin breakouts then please go to any skin doctor and strongly stop using the ingredient that is hurting your skin.skin breakouts is more dangerous thing.you should use some medication rapidly after you observe that it is skin breakouts and it is not a simple skin purging.if you feel any reaction then you should visit your skin doctor as soon as possible.

The result

Five hours after trying the hack,I was wishing to know that whether the colours developed or not.so,for this I went in front of mirror to see my body.it had and it was incredibly pigmented.i was pleased that my features are more appeared without make up.the tanner looked a bit stark against my fair skin.it created a more targeted tan than a truly contouring looks because self-tanner are more lean and warm in toon rather than cool. Their skin is also used to applying new products after some time. Cool and lean skin has good ability from God to accept new things.i have applied hack for more than required time on my skin with brush and should also use a good quality brush.

My suggestion

My last suggestion for the people before using it is that if you are facing the problem of skin allergy then before buying it for you visit your skin doctor and investigate him whether to use it or not.you should do it before buying it and if you have buyed and your doctor has stopped you from using it then gift it to the person whose body is acceptable for it.


This trend cannot work in my opinion because it didn’t achieve a flawless and contoured look.it cannot work in the same situation but I think that it can work with some trial and errors. When I will apply it next time,then I will spray the brush for two times rather than more to make it natural.i will also be sure to use my brush to blend the edges where I place the products.
This is not the hack for you if you’re looking to achieve the appearance of sculpted and ultra defined features.but you can try it if you are looking to bronze up your complexion and add subtle definition that would not wash out with your makeup.
You should use it after applying makeup on your skin.