Little Tiger, Big Tiger Story for Kids

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Little Tiger, Big Tiger is an inspiring story with a great moral for children. It helps them to understand the necessity of respecting the words of elders. Little Tiger, Big Tiger PDF from Writives can be used as an excellent tool to spark creativity within the minds of children. Narrating the short story offers a chance for them to imagine and develop visuals of the settings and characters of their own. Visualisation of the story favors them to experience the utmost beauty of fictional stories. Reading and listening to stories improve their vocabulary and support them in enhancing their communication skills. Moreover, it can be used for commencing a reading habit in them.

The story marks the transformation of a little tiger to a big tiger. The setting of a dark forest is introduced to the readers from the beginning of the story. The setting of the story plays a crucial role in developing the mood and stimulating emotions within the readers. Once upon a time, in a dark forest, there lived a little tiger and a big tiger. The little tiger always wanted to lead a life similar to the big tiger. And he tried to imitate all the tasks performed by his mother. The mother tiger was a ferocious one. She was too wild and a great huntress.

Everyone in the forest scared her, and they used to run for their lives whenever they heard her loud grunt. The little tiger was so upset that no one in the jungle scared him. The mother tiger always kept the little tiger close to her and fostered him well. One day, in order to exhibit bravery and valor, the little tiger decided to hunt a jumping frog. The story of the little tiger took a great change as he chased the frog deep into the forest.

New Words – Shady, cub, harsh, bellowed, barked, pheasant, hunted, twitched, pounced, hopped, grunt, glistened, hop

Characters of Little Tiger, Big Tiger

Little Tiger, Big Tiger is a short, simple story for children. Kids’ learning process will be a more entertaining one with the support of Little Tiger, Big Tiger PDF from Writives. As the name suggests, the plot of the story centres around a little tiger and a big tiger. The little tiger mentioned in the title is the tiger cub, and the big tiger is the mother. The character sketch provided below will help children to better understand the plot of the story and will ease their learning process.

Little Tiger: The little tiger is the tiger cub. He always tried to imitate his mother. He wanted to be a ferocious animal whom everyone was scared of in the jungle. In the initial part of the story, we can find him practicing roaring and acting like his mother.

Big Tiger: The big tiger portrays the motherly figure of the plot. She is presented as a ferocious animal in the story. She is a great hunter, and everyone in the jungle scares her. She is presented as a powerful animal whose loud grunt is enough to frighten the entire forest.

Story Description – Little Tiger, Big Tiger

The story is about the journey of a tiger cub who wishes to be like his mother. The mother tiger was very wild, and everyone in the jungle scared her. Just like the mother, the little tiger also wanted to be a ferocious animal. When the tiger was a little one, in the initial days of his life, no one was scared of him. The big tiger fostered the little tiger very well by always keeping him close to herself.

But one day, when the mother tiger fell asleep, the little tiger went hunting a frog. With an ardent desire to catch the frog and display his bravery, he chased the frog and caught it. But when he turned back, he realised that he had traveled deep into the forest and was far away from his mother. The little tiger got frightened and started calling his mother for help.

After hours of seeking, the little tiger found himself trapped inside the dark forest. At that time, he spotted a frightening big tiger advancing toward him. The little tiger was left with no other choice than to cry for help. Suddenly, he heard a loud grunt that shook the entire forest, and it was his mother’s roar. The approaching tiger got scared and ran away after hearing the loud voice of the mother tiger. After a while, the little tiger mimicked the same roar, but no one inside the jungle was scared. From the incident, the little tiger understood the fault that he had committed and asked his mother to forgive him.

Years passed, and the little tiger became a big tiger. He started running for hours, chasing the food of his desire. One day after a great feast, he made a loud roar and frightened all the other animals. By watching all these activities, the mother tiger smiled at him. The story teaches a great moral lesson that everything will be fine in the end. Parents can ask their child to refer to the Writives website for more inspiring short stories, poems, essays, worksheets, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Who are the main characters of the story, Little Tiger, Big Tiger?

The tiger cub and the mother tiger are the main characters of the story, Little Tiger, Big Tiger.

Who was the baby tiger’s role model?

The ferocious mother tiger was the baby tiger’s role model.

How did the tiger cub decide to display his bravery before his mother?

The tiger cub decided to exhibit his bravery by catching the frog that jumped in front of him.

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