Sunscreen Facts Everyone Should Know


Sunscreen is one of the most important and special ways to prevent skin cancer. If you want to choose a good sunscreen for yourself and your family, first find out about it in the summer season. Is coming and people have started planning vacations in which the time they spend outdoors and the sun’s rays that fall on their face makes their face look very bad and also increases the risk of skin cancer. Born July is the month we need in it. That. We. Protect your skin more. Because the sun’s rays are so intense in this month, if we have to choose the best product according to our need and use it, then first learn about the facts about sunscreen to know about it.

facts about sunscreen

Sunscreen Facts
Sunscreen Facts

yes you really do need an SPF  30 or higher

The most important and special principle of sunscreen is whether it protects you from the sun’s rays and also protects your skin from any damage. If you take sunscreen of 30 blocks factor it Can protect you from more than 90% of sunlight but if you want to choose fancy sunscreen then choose a sunscreen with 50 SPF. It protects you from about 97% of sun rays and burns on your skin. And it prevents swelling and is the most important and easy way to protect from the sun’s rays

For total protection, look for “broad spectrum” on the label.

Sunscreen Facts
Sunscreen Facts

Because not all of your sunscreens are the same, they are not the same, they are different in size and features. Dermatologists advise patients to choose the sunscreen that suits them. Protect your skin from the sun’s rays with both UVA  UVB  so choose wide sunscreen and check it out well

 You’ll need to do the math.

SPF means that it is a means to protect you from the sun. It is a number. No, it has a lot of numbers like two to fifty. It tells you how long you can stay in the sun without burning it. It will not irritate your face. PF means you can stay in the sun for ten minutes without scorching, i.e. if you use ten SPF you can stay for ten minutes without wearing sunscreen but if you usually within ten minutes If you use ten pf, it will give you about 100 minutes of this process. You can stay in the sun without burning for 100 minutes. But if we choose the best sunscreen No sunscreen can block 100% of the sun’s rays

Not all sunscreens are created equally.

Sunscreen Facts
Sunscreen Facts

SPF is much more important for your skincare. It is not the only thing that protects your skin from the sun’s rays. It also has all the screens, no matter how big they are. Even the rays of the  UVA UVB could not escape from these two rays. UVA rays cause sun exposure on the skin and it can deeply damage the skin. And if you want your skin to be protected from both of these rays, then you should look for Broad Spectrum Sunscreen. It will give you both UVA and UVB rays. Will save

Even cloudy days call for sunscreen.

If you are not feeling the heat of the sun or the heat at all or there is no heat at all then the rays of the sun still reach your skin, reach the depths and harm you from within so whenever you If you go out somewhere, keep the sunscreen in your mind and make sure to apply it and this is the process you have to do all year round and if you go to an icy water or sandy area. You need more protection of your skin as the sun’s rays can affect your skin more.

Everyone needs sunscreen.

People who have a very clear complexion are more susceptible to sun rays and even people who have a deeper complexion need to be protected from the sun’s rays because. Those with darker skin than those with darker skin are more likely to be diagnosed with skin cancer if they have it. Rays at all. It is not good because it is very important to keep children under 6 months away from the sun’s rays and if you can use the screen on the exposed part of your skin body but other people do this thing. If you do not agree with this you will ask your doctor and they will give you better advice on this matter

 Sunscreen can expire.

Some have sunscreens and the tube or bottle that they have a period of use and when they run out you throw away the sunscreen because it can be harmful to use after that. There is an expiration date you can use it and if you have purchased a screen and its color has changed then you will also throw it away it expires and if it has not expired you can use it And you can throw it away as soon as the quality expires because it can be dangerous for you

Apply before going outdoors.


We can imagine how important it may be for us to use sunscreen as long as we are out and about, whenever we step outside our home. It is important to apply sunscreen as our skin is in danger as soon as we step out, so apply sunscreen about ten minutes before going out, it will give you the protection that you and your skin need. Or keep applying sunscreen after two hours no matter how much you are sweating no matter what  SPF  you are using.

Sunscreen alone isn’t enough.

If you want to protect your body from the sun’s rays, then it is necessary to have a head screen, but apart from that, you also have some responsibilities. Stay in the shadows because it is faster at this time and its. Radiation is very dangerous for human beings and if you are going out for a long time. You should wear a wide-brimmed hat and the sleeves of your shirt should be full and long. However, if any part of your body is visible, use sunscreen there. Another way is to cover your body with good cloth. These knitwear items and these methods can protect your skin from the sun’s rays

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