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Toner and moisturizer offerings are very important for your skin care. These are the basics of your skin care means protecting your skin. The first step is to know what is toner and what are its advantages and disadvantages. We have explained below.

what is a skin toner?

skin toner
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Toner is a product that is made up of water and its purpose is to cleanse your face by removing all impurities and impurities. Before you Use a Moisturizer or Serum According to a research, toner closes the pores on your skin and helps you cleanse your skin.

Different Types of Toners

Keep your skin clean, but don’t over do it

According to experts, there are two types of skin toner: astringent toner and blushing toner. Very useful for dry and sensitive skin and is used twice a day Toner is a product that is highly valued for oily nail acne skin. There is another type of toner called exfoliating toner which is formulated with BHA and this toner without irritation. And softens and cleanses your skin without causing allergies, so it is very important. No matter how soft it is, you can’t use it daily. You can use it once or twice a week. You can use it once or twice a month until your skin is dry

How to Use Toner

skin toner
skin toner

If you use toner on your skin when it is very soft then it is more beneficial to use it so that it is absorbed well in your skin. One of the most useful ways to tone your face first is to take it in your hands but your hands should be clean and dry and tap it on your neck with the other hand. The products are absorbed into the pad and then not transferred to the skin

Do Toners Work for All Skin Types?

According to experts, both are toners. They are useful for all skin types. People who have dry skin should use products that are free from alcohol. It is very dry. It is very dry in alcohol. Produces and removes the natural oils from your skin. You can use it in combination with various ingredients like glycerin, hyaluronic acid and rose water or aloe vera etc. These ingredients balance your skin. Experts say that if your skin is oily, you should use a toner that contains hydroxy or sulfur etc. as it closes the pores in the skin and removes them. And the fat is produced. Reduce it and exfoliate your face. Use upturn until your face is dry and they add that you like this toner like other products. Also test your arm first to see if it is suitable for your skin and not harmful

Best Toner Products

versed baby cheeks hydrating milk

Hartman recommends Versed Baby Cheeks Hydrating Milk Toner for severely dry skin. “The formulation containing coconut water and algae provides more hydration than most toners,” he says. The bonus is that it also doubles as a cleanser and makeup remover.

mountain rose herb rose hydrosol

Research has shown that a toner, such as a hydrosol, is a very popular toner because it prevents swelling and irritation of the face and eliminates it, and has a very sweet fragrance. When you apply it on your face, you can enjoy its fragrance as well as your beauty.

  AlumierMD   bright clear solution

Some heart men say that iLomer MD Bright & Clear Solution is very important. It contains a lot of acids and vitamin C. It protects the skin from environmental pollution and They cleanse the skin by removing the accumulated deposits and by softening the skin they strengthen and improve the texture of the skin. They are very useful for oily skin.

Vichy purete thermals toner

According to Hartman, people love Vichy purete thermals toner because it is a very cheap product. The product is not expensive. These products are available to everyone. It removes any residue and dirt on the skin and cleanses the face and beautifies the skin and the natural oils in your skin. Quantity does not allow it to decrease

good molecules niacinamide brightening toner

People say that good molecules niacinamide brightening toner is toner which is free from alcohol, free from all kinds of chemicals, it irritates your skin, it calms your face perfectly, it calms your face This removes grease and leaves a beautiful beauty effect on your face

Alternatives to Toners

In addition to toner, there are many other products that work like toner and can offer the same benefits as Johar Toner, which is a form of the same. Cleanses and provides all the ingredients that are beneficial to the skin. It also provides McLear water which is especially for dirt on the skin, make-up or any dust etc. to remove it. Designed to cleanse and exfoliate the skin. Most of these products, such as moisturizers, are highly valued because moisturizers also cleanse and exfoliate the skin

what does toner do

The main function of the tour is that if you want to use a serum or cream on your face, the toner prepares the skin for these things and it corrects the pH of the skin. It balances the acidity of the skin and restores it. The great advantage of this is that it does not cause acne on your face. Adding toner to the skin care routine is very useful and good. The method is that if your face gets very dry in winter then after cleansing you can use Hydrosol on your skin or apply a good serum or moisturizer on it but for those who have acne prone skin. For them BHA or BHA toner is more helpful and further improves the texture of their skin.



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