when should you use start using retinol


Retinol is the number one ingredient in a proven line of vitamin A, and retinol is also known as the Holy Grill of Skin Care. And it also reduces the production of black spots. So keep in mind that beauty lovers all over the world swear that the powerhouse is wrong. But the use of retinol and its harmful Includes a fair portion of the effects. For example, irritation and redness. Therefore, a dermatologist based in Toronto, as well as an expert, will give you advice on how to use retinol in your skin care. Can be added.

1. What is retinol?

Shot of beautiful woman applying serum to her clean face skin against a face wrinkles

Retinol is a type of retinoid that binds to vitamin A. Retinol is made by your body from a natural source. And also helps to eliminate small lines. Retinol may be the younger sister of retinoids, which have a harder ingredient, says Dr. Carroll, a dermatologist. Can be used.

2. What are the skincare benefits of using retinol?

Retinol exfoliates and exfoliates your pores and helps to smooth out your skin. This also helps in reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation and breakouts and wrinkles. It also improves the hydration of your skin and helps to treat acne. It is a good choice to keep your skin completely safe. Dr. Carroll says that retinol As time goes on, your skin will thicken the lower part of the skin, which will make your skin look healthy, soft and youthful.

3. Can all skin types use retinol?

using retinol
using retinol

Dr. Carroll says that you can use retinol for any type of skin type you have. It is very difficult to live with The skin deteriorates. One more thing to keep in mind is that using retinol can be harmful for women who are pregnant.

4.When should I start using retinol?

Mazen advises most people to use retinol when they are over 25 years of age. Skin that has been exposed to retinol for a lifetime can be rewarded with routine routines. And Dr. Carroll also says that dermatologists can use retinoids for the skin of younger people with acne. Explain the long-term benefits. Keep using retinoids until you get rid of acne on your skin, says Dr. Carroll.

5.How do I incorporate retinol into my skincare routine?

Dr. Carroll says that first of all people are told that you should first try the seven and less working approach. You should first start with a small pea-sized amount.  Then you have to wait and see how much you can afford. you don’t know anything about this, Carol says you will try it a second time. If any of the ingredients.  If your skin turns red or flaky, you should mix retinol with a moisturizer.  Try using hair once a week for the first time and find out how your skin looks. If you have a good reaction then use it every two days or twice a week.  ۔
 Another way to use retinol is to use it at night only by adding it to the ingredients you use. Because using it makes your skin more sensitive to sunlight.  Use of retinol Dr. Carroll and Mazin both emphasize the use of SPF.  Carol says you are asked to wear more than 45 SPFs on a daily basis. Another thing to consider is that you do not use tropical retinoids. The best sunscreen is the one that  You use it all year round. And they suggest finding a product that will help protect you from both UVA and UVB radiation. And there is a formula that is approved by the board of dermatology.

6.Why do some skin types react to retinol?

Yes, this ingredient called retinol is very useful for your skin. According to both experts, there can be many problems. Due to which this ingredient retinol shows this kind of reaction on your skin. Excessive use of it does not prepare your skin in a good way. And retinol is combined with some powerful ingredients which are used as exfoliators or acne treatment.

7.What should I do if my skin has a bad reaction to retinol?

Dr. Mazin says that the results of retinol are very easy to manage. It is mostly dry and irritated. A mild reaction is considered very common. Because the way your skin is, it Used. If your skin is going to be more itchy. Both experts say that the use of sunscreen should be stopped and the use of retinol should be stopped by combining it with many other skin care ingredients. Consider using a moisturizer. Then you can use retinol again after these problems are gone. Dr. Carroll says that these ingredients should not be used too much. And make a schedule of them so that your endurance is improved Making the best can be a good choice.

8.What is the best form of retinol to use on my skin?

Whenever you choose a product, find out which one is better with endless options. This can be very difficult for you to know. If any of you who are using retinol for the first time, they should start with a minimum dose of about 0.020%. But if there is no wrong reaction of any kind. You can easily go up to a large percentage of it. Dr. Mazin attaches great importance to an encapsulated. This means that the ingredients form a carrier-like system inside the cream or serum. Helps to improve the ability to go inside. And they also say that these are products that help your skin feel hydrated.

9.What are some products to consider?

If you suffer from some of the more serious problems such as fine lines and sun damage, then you should use a higher percentage. Oily regeneerist retinol moisturizer. It uses retinoid complexes and vitamin b3 to remove your fine lines and wrinkles. They contain an ingredient that is highly valued in the use of Panzica cosmedix elite serums. They are also said to be good for treating your lines and help in the production of collagen. it increases your productivity. And it makes your skin look radiant by making it uniform. it is said that it is very useful for everyone with a very common type of dry skin. Another ingredient is Skin Medica Retinol Complex which comes first.